Guide for Parents and Teachers

The Vampire Games is a series of books appropriate for most young adults ages 13+. We strongly encourage adults to read the book with their children or students to help them answer questions about the content.

Generally speaking, there is no sex in these books, nor is there inappropriate language. However, there are some fight scenes that may be a little intense for some readers. There is also a small amount of kissing.

The first book is approximately 40,000 words, or 200 pages. It ends with a cliffhanger.

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This book is told in first person from the perspective of an eighteen year old girl, Bianka, who is taken from her home by vampires. Her parents are complicit in the abduction.

Some vampires are cruel and talk about humans in dismissive ways.

A minor love triangle forms between Bianka, a human friend named Marc, and a vampire prince named Phillip.

Bianka is forced to fight in an arena (the “Coliseum”) against other humans who have been abducted by vampires. She is forced to kill one person under duress, which is not seen on the page.

Bianka repeatedly fights vampires and, occasionally, other humans.

Humans are held captive under the influence of sedatives so that their blood can be drained. It’s not described in detail but the imagery may be disturbing.

The concept of “destined” love is a key plot point. It’s called Fated Mates. It suggests that people are not in control of their romantic future.

Like many dystopian books, the society detailed is dysfunctional, dark, and somewhat disturbing.

Future books will continue to cover these themes.

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